Biological Asset

The "myth" of the biological asset is dismantled in this video. The rationale behind this accounting line as well as the benefits for the user of the financial statements are addressed.

Foreign Exchange Variations | Financial Impact

In this video we explain how foreign exchange variations impact our financial statements with two illustrative examples. In addition, we explain the rationale behind the decision to use “Adjusted Net Income” in order to better assess Adecoagro´s financial performance.

From BRL/m3 to cts/lb Sugar Equivalent

With this Excel file, you will be able to convert Hydrous Ethanol Prices in Paulinia (you can get this price from Bloomberg) into a cts/lb sugar equivalent price in Mato Grosso do Sul.

IFRS 16 vs. IAS 17

The file contains an illustrative example to account for the implications of the standard IFRS 16 in our Financial Statements.