Adecoagro´s Hedging Policy

In this video, we go through the rationale behind Adecoagro´s hedging policy and how related results (Other Operating Income) flow through the Company´s P&L.

Biological Asset

The "myth" of the biological asset is dismantled in this video. The rationale behind this accounting line as well as the benefits for the user of the financial statements are addressed.

BRL/m3 prices into cts/lb Sugar Equivalent

With this file, you´ll be able to convert the price of ethanol in BRL/m3 in Paulinia (available on Bloomberg) to the ex-mill price in cts/lb sugar equivalent, in Mato Grosso do Sul

Foreign Exchange Variations | Financial Impact

In this video we explain how foreign exchange variations impact our financial statements with two illustrative examples. In addition, we explain the rationale behind the decision to use ¨Adjusted Net Income¨ in order to better assess Adecoagro´s financial performance.