How do RBOB price movements impact Adecoagro´s EBITDA?

With this file, you should be able to have a broad idea of how movements in international oil prices (specifically, RBOB) impact Adecoagro´s EBITDA generation. To that end, we first go through the build-up of the ex-mill ethanol price in Mato Grosso do Sul, starting from the international gasoline price. Once the ethanol price sensitivity is constructed, based on our estimated ethanol production it´s straightforward to calculate the
EBITDA sensitivity.

IFRS 16 vs. IAS 17

The file contains an illustrative example to account for the implications of the standard IFRS 16 in our Financial Statements.

S&E Current Market Dynamics

In this video, we analize the sugar and ethanol dynamics for the 2018/19 harvest year and stress how well positioned Adecoagro is to benefit from current relative prices as a result of the high flexibility in production mix achieved. Policies such as RenovaBio in Brazil and E10 in China are considered.

SE&E Total Cash Cost

The file contains information such as:
-How to build total cash cost
-Total cash cost breakdown 2016-2023
-EBITDA price breakdown 2017-2023
-How to build EBITDA from total cash cost and EBITDA price