Why to invest in Adecoagro?


Low cost producer

We produce in specific regions where the combination of agro-ecological conditions, together with our expertise, would allow us to become the lowest cost producer.


Diversified operations across the region

Our assets spread across the most productive regions of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. We produce a wide range of agricultural products. Geographics and product diversification protect us from weather risk and commodity price volatility.


Best environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices

We have three main pillars that interact among each other generating a virtuous cycle: a) economic sustainability, b) environmental sustainability; and c) social sustainability.


Commitment to shareholder value

A disciplined capital allocation strategy to generate the highest returns to our shareholders.


Positive free cash flow generation

Positive free cash flow generation since 2015, despite commodity cycle volatility.

On top of our compromise,
we are a NYSE listed company with clear trade background.


Diversified operations throughout Argentina and Uruguay

Low cost producer with a diversified asset base


Among the largest producers in the region

With more than 40.000 hectares we have developed a fully integrated business implementing cutting edge technology


Sustainable and fully scalable production model

Among the most productive milk producers in the region


Fully integrated operation and state of the art industrial facilities

We successfully developed a fully integrate and highly efficient operation in Mato Grosso do Sul

Adecoagro´s 2023 EBITDA Distribution by Business

Adecoagro´s 2023 Sales Distribution by Business

  • 0

    USD MM

  • 0

    Total Sales
    USD MM

  • 11.4

    Sugarcane Crushed
    MM tons

  • 0


    Area Under Management
    Th. Hectares

  • 0

    Milk Production
    MM Liters

  • 0

    Crop & Rice Production
    Th. Tons

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