# Name Position Year Design
1 Mariano Bosch Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder 2002
2 Emilio Federico Gnecco Chief Financial Officer 2023
3 Renato Junqueira Santos Pereira VP Sugar, Ethanol and Energy Business 2014
4 Mario José Ramón Imbrosciano VP Dairy and Business Development 2003
5 Leonardo Berridi VP Brazil 2004
6 Ezequiel Garbers VP Rice and Crops Businesses 2004
7 Alejandro López Moriena Chief Sustainability Officer 2019
8 Victoria Cabello Investor Relations Officer 2021
9 Josefina Díaz Vega General Counsel 2019

Mariano Bosch.

Mr Bosch is a co-founder of Adecoagro. Since the beginning he has been our CEO and is also a member of the Company’s Board of Directors. In 1995 he founded and was the CEO of BLS Agribusiness, an agricultural consulting, technical management, and administration company. He has a degree in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires and has over 25 years of experience in agribusiness development. He is involved in business organizations such as IDEA, AEA, YPO, AACREA, FPC and AAPRESID. Mariano was distinguished by Endeavor as Entrepreneur of the Year (2019) and received the Konex award for Businessman of the Year in 2018.

Emilio Federico Gnecco.

Mr. Gnecco is our Chief Financial Officer for all operations in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay and a member of Adecoagro’s Senior Management since 2005. He is responsible for overseeing finance and administrative departments. Before he became the CFO, he was the Chief Legal Officer of Adecoagro, since the inception of the Company in 2002. He was responsible for all corporate matters, compliance, mergers and acquisitions and financing structures. Before joining us, he specialized in project financing, structured finance, corporate financing, private equity, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions and corporate law and business contracts at Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal. Prior to that, he worked at the National Civil Court of Appeals of the City of Buenos Aires for four years. Mr. Gnecco has a law degree from the University of Buenos Aires, where he graduated with honors.

Renato Junqueira Santos Pereira.

Renato Junqueira Santos Pereira is the VP of Sugar, Ethanol and Energy business and has been a member of the senior management team since 2014. He began working at Adecoagro in 2010 as the Operations Manager for our Sugar, Ethanol and Energy business and has vast experience in the Brazilian sugarcane industry. Before joining Adecoagro, he served as the CFO of Moema Group, one of the largest sugarcane clusters in Brazil. His main responsibilities at Moema included designing the optimal capital structure to finance the construction of five greenfield mills, preparing the company for an IPO and coordinating the M&A process which culminated in a $1.5 billion dollar sale to Bunge Ltda. Previously, Mr. Pereira held responsibilities as Mill Director and Agricultural Manager in Moema’s mills. He is an Agricultural Engineer from Universidade de Sao Paulo and holds an MBA from the University of California, Davis.

Mario José Ramón Imbrosciano.

Mr. Imbrosciano is the head of our Business Development Department for all operations in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay where he oversees all new business initiatives, and a member of Adecoagro’s Senior Management since 2003. He has over 30 years of experience in farm management and agriculture production. In addition, from 2022 he is in charge of the development of the Consumer Goods area within the company. Prior to joining Adecoagro, Mr. Imbrosciano was the Chief Operating Officer of Beraza Hnos. S.C., a farming company that owns farms in the humid pampas region of Argentina. He was in charge of production, commercialization and logistics for a 60,000 hectare operation. Mr. Imbrosciano has also worked as a private consultant for various clients. Mr. Imbrosciano received a degree in Agricultural Production Engineering from the Argentine Catholic University and holds a Masters in Business Administration from the Instituto de Altos Estudios of the Universidad Austral.

Leonardo Raúl Berridi.

Mr. Berridi is our VP of Business Development and, prior to the Reorganization, had been Adecoagro’s Country Manager for Brazil since the beginning of its operations in Brazil and a member of Adecoagro’s Senior Management since 2004. Mr. Berridi has over 37 years of international experience in agricultural business. Prior to joining us, Mr. Berridi was Vice President of Pago Viejo S.A., a company dedicated to agriculture production and dairy farming in Argentina. He also worked for Trans-Continental Tobacco Corporation as Chief Operating Officer of Epasa (Exportadora de Productos Agrarios S.A.), a company dedicated to producing, processing and exporting tobacco in the northeast and northwest of Argentina, and Production Manager of World Wide Tobacco España S.A. in the Caceres and Zamora provinces in Spain. Mr. Berridi holds a degree in Forestry Engineering from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

Ezequiel Garbers.

Mr. Garbers is VP for Crops and Rice Business for Argentina and Uruguay. He is a co-founder and a member of the Company’s senior management. He coordinates all of our production and human resource development activities in Argentina and Uruguay. Mr. Garbers has over 30 years of experience in integrated agroindustrial and food chains. Prior to joining the Company, he was the Chief Operating Officer of an agricultural consulting and investment company he co-founded, where he developed crop-production, cattle and dairy business projects both in Argentina and abroad. Mr. Garbers holds a degree in Agronomic Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Instituto de Altos Estudios of the Austral University.

Alejandro López Moriena

Mr. López Moriena is the Chief Sustainability Officer, covering the company’s operations in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. He has been part of Adecoagro since inception and a member of Adecoagro’s Senior Management since 2019. His responsibilities include defining, developing, evaluating and transferring the most efficient, profitable and sustainable technologies to be applied in each business line and in each region and country. Sustainability responsibilities include the definition of a corporate policy and strategy, its discussion at Board level and the coordination of its implementation at the operational level, in addition to educating and leading sustainable-based technical training programs. Mr. López Moriena has over 20 years of experience in agribusiness development and agricultural production. He has spoken in numerous Ag conferences, with special focus on Sustainability matters, such as The World Food Prize (Iowa, US), Sustainable Food Lab (London, UK), AAPRESID (Rosario, Argentina), World Agri Tech Summit (San Francisco, US), Global AgInvesting (New York, US), Ag Innovation Showcase (St Louis, US) and Large Farm Management (Kiev, Ukraine) among others. Mr. López Moriena holds a Masters degree in Agronomy from the University of Buenos Aires.

Victoria Cabello

Mrs. Cabello is our Investor Relations Officer. She joined the company in 2018 as part of the Business Development team participating in the process of expansion and consolidation of the Farming business, and in 2020 moved into the IR department where she manages the company's relationships with investors and analysts. Prior to joining Adecoagro, Mrs. Cabello worked at the Argentine conglomerate Grupo Newsan and at Crisil Limited, an S&P global company. She holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration and a Masters degree in Corporate Finance both from UCEMA university. Mrs. Cabello is an Argentine citizen.

Josefina Díaz Vega

Mrs. Díaz Vega has been a member of the Company’s legal department since 2011 and assumed the role of General Counsel in 2019 and Compliance Officer in 2023. In this capacity, she oversees the operations of the legal and compliance department, applying her experience and legal expertise to advise senior management in different legal landscapes, and implement effective risk mitigation strategies to ensure adherence to regulatory standards. Before joining us, she worked at Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal, were her practice focused on corporate and transactional business matters. Mrs. Diaz Vega holds a Law degree from the University of Buenos Aires, LLB by the University of Wolverhampton (UK) and a master’s degree in International Economic Law and Policy from the University of Barcelona, where she studied with a scholarship awarded by the Fundación Carolina.